Best way to merge files within Music Share

Sorry if this has been discussed already but, can anyone tell me what the most efficient way is to merge two different folders of music that I have saved on the Music share?  While both folders have mostly differenct music, there will be some tracks the same as well as a lot of “Artist” folders which are the same.  I have tried opening up two folder screens within Windows 7 and “moving” folders across from on Music Folder to the other, but is seems to take ages for only small folders, I assume some of the larger folders would take ages!

Is there a merge function anywhere that I have missed?  Or can this be done faster within the desktop Mycloud app?



There is no merge function. The easiest way is the one you tried: map the share(s) and use Windows explorer to copy one folder to the other. It will take some time for Explorer to check which files don’t need to be copied. Carefully dispose of each “conflict”.

Atlernatively, you can use some sync software (like free SyncBack).