Best way to manage media

As a long term Apple TV user, I finally got fed up of handbraking everything into supported formats and have bought a new WDTV Live.  If I like it, I’ll get a couple more and a My Book Live too I think…

The key thing for me is achieving a well organised and presented media library that’s quick to navigate and easily updated when new files are added.  There appears to be a few different ways to do this with a WDTV and I’m immediately a little confused.  Is there a defintive way of organising media?  I have lots of video files (individual movies as well as TV series) in several different formats, 1000s of MP3s and tonnes of photos (I’m happy to re-organise the folder structures, but to edit the file names/metadata would obviously be a big job).  I’d quite like it if, when I choose videos from the main menu, I go straight into my movies (rather than have to navigate through a folder hierarchy), ditto for music and movies.  Any recommendations??

Apologies in advance for what is no doubt a frequently asked (and answered) question…:o)