Best way to import new data onto Passport for Mac plus more questions

I have a few questions about My Passport for Mac:

  1. Sometimes when I try to open the Photos app. This message pops up. If I restart my computer, it doesn’t do it. What is going on? Is it a My Passport problem or Mac OS X problem? How can I fix it?

  2. I dragged my music folder to my desktop from My Passport. I then imported the songs into my iTunes account. Whenever I download a new song, the song doesn’t show up in the desktop location, but will if I click show in finder within iTunes. How can I transfer the songs into My Passport since it only shows it if I’m in iTunes?

  3. What is the easiest way to import new data into My Passport? I’ve never used one where I had to manually do it so this is new to me. Do I import each picture or song one at a time?

Thanks for any help. I’m a newbie so I’m trying to learn.

I did install a new hard drive and RAM over the weekend so I hope these issues aren’t related to my doing that upgrade.

Hi there,

Perhaps this link might help you with the backup of your libraries:

You can also try to import the pictures from the computer to the external drive.