Best way to hook-up / True data Speed Question

Ok, Got the device.  Love it. - Getting another.

My current router is a 10/100 with wirless G

The playback stutters on some of the MKV files, which run at about 7 to 8 megs per second.

SO, I want to upgrade my network.

Price doesn’t really matter.

If I have wirless or run cat6 through my house doesn’t matter.

What’s the best way to achive the fastest throughput.

Is the built in enthernet port 10/100/1000?

And what Wireless N speeds does the deivce support?  150, 300, 600???

Why by a n600 router if the WD TV live will only run at 150, right?


I believe the Live Streaming is 100 and the best way to go is wired. Just buy some cable and connect between your router and player.

In my transfer tests PC to WDTV LS this is what I got:

Samba server on WDTV. 2 TB HD attached via USB:

Ethernet: maximum ~55 mbps

Wifi N 300mbps: maximum ~22 mbps (100% signal level, and no other wireless networks on the same channel)

So transfer rate is QUITE dissapointing.

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My recommendation would be going wired. I know there are several discussions about lowsy throughput of the Gen3 box. However, wired is typically faster and much more reliable speed. I would even recommend Cat5e cables. They are good enough for 1GE if you don’t have the need for excessive lengths in your house.

I personally have my Gen3 hooked up wired using a 200Mbit PowerLan adaptors and I stream 2.5h videos with 20G without any problems.

Thanks for the replies.

I left my 1st device on the Wifi (g speed)

Wired my second device - 100mbs

They both are able to stream HD off the NAS at the same time, no problems.

The largest of files, usually in mkv format will stutter abit on the wireless G, so I’ll get to wiring that one too… eventually

I plan to add at least one more WDTV, which i suppose will really test the router’s throughput, though at that point I might be hitting the wall as far as output from the NAS