Best way to have a back up

Hi i want to know if i can and how to, have an extra back up via my cloud (same as extra hard disk or is this not possible and does it always sync so be a duplicate if my pc and do i needto buy an extra harddrive) because i want to free up space on laptop and smartphone without having to worry that this deleted stuff is also deleted on my cloud (back up)
after synchronising my cloud with laptop smartphone… so i want both a back up but also sync,… also i want to know how to instal regular automatic back ups… to be sure i don’t loose anything ifanything happens,…

Read the My Cloud User Manual ( It details how to use WD Smartware and WD Sync to perform a backup and a sync of a computer’s contents. There are any number of third party software that will perform the same on a computer to a local network device My Cloud. One can download the relevant WD software that supports the My Cloud from the WD Support webiste:

If you are looking to backup the My Cloud itself, read the My Cloud User Manual, it explains how to perform a Safepoint/Backup so the My Cloud contents are mirrored to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB port.