Best way to get more space

Hi all, really enjoying my ex2100 I got for Christmas but it is filling up a lot quicker than I thought! (I knew I should have asked for the 4100). Anyway in wondering the best/most cost effective way to get more space. So I have a few questions…

  1. I found a very old topic on here mentioning plugging a my book into the usb port, it mentioned the 4tb my book live but does would the 6tb my book work?
  2. The new release ex2 has a 16gb option meaning an 8tb wd red drive should be on the horizon. Would this work in the ex2100?
  3. And finally if I do decide I need a 4 bay model would it be as simple as taking them out of my 2100 and into the new one or would this wipe the data?
    Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, to answe your questions:

It should work, there was an user over at the single my cloud board that have a My Book 6 TB to his My Cloud, so I believe that it should work on yours.

It is possible, however as of now its not, if it ever will it will be available over a firmware update.

You will be able to use the same drives in the EX 4100, however it will be in RAID roaming mode, you can find more information in the manual.