Best Way to Connect to My Passport Wireless Pro

I’m not sure what’s the best way (fastest) to connect to MPW Pro.

  1. My laptop connected to my home wifi and MPW is wifi enabled.
  2. My laptop connected to MPW 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz
  3. Physically connect MPW to my router through usb
  4. Physically connect MPW to my laptop through usb

Clearly option 4 is secure and fastest. And I assume 3 is next. But what about other 2 options. What’s the best way ? I’m confused what the differences are really. If anyone could explain to a newbie, I’d very much appreciated.

If you are going to use files on MPW on computer, direct USB connection between the two is Best – as with any drive .

If you are going to use files on it; say, music and video files to view on a tablet or phone, the connect directly to 5G wireless with those devices, and even faster with whole house access is to connect to router via wireless of MPW and router,and have concurrent.internet connection, too. You must connect your phone/tablet (or computer to the home wi-fi signal.
USB to router USB may not even work, Check the complete user manual for the how-tos of all this.