Best way to change my drive (1.5TB) to 4TB in Raid5


who has experience in changing drives? My EX4 has 4 x 1.5TB (Raid5) and want to change to 4 x 4TB.

Can I do it like MS Servers to change one disk at one time and wait til it is rebuilded? And then change the next drive?

Thanks for your help!!!

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I have not tried this, Lets see if another user can share some information and tips on this matter.

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Yes you can but it will be very slow as you have to wait for each unit to rebuld (sequentially), then you have to incraese the size of the RAID volume when the last disk is added.  If time is important, better to simply copy the data off the device, and the install the nex disks and setup the RAID and coy the data back.

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Thanks skiwi!

I will try it…