Best way to backup one "My Cloud" device to another?


I have 2 3gb “My Cloud” devices. One upstairs and one downstairs.

Myself, my wife, and my son are sharing one to backup data from our 3 separate computers.

The other drive is still unopened in the box. I’d like to plug it in and for it to have exactly the same content as the other drive and remain in sync (like a mirror).

Can this be done and how?

I apolgize if this has been asked before but I RTFM’d and didn’t see it. Looked through the Dashboard options and didn’t see it, and did a quick search of the forum and didn’t see it…

If it’s already out there please link me to it.

I’ll have to read more about safe points.

After some more googling and forum searching I found this post which goes on to explain how to setup rsync.

Linking to it here to help anyone that may have the same question I did.


Thank you for sharing. Hopefully this will be able to clarify some particular configurations and differences in behavior.