Best router for WD TV Live suggestions?

Hi all, my old router is causing issues and I need to replace it. I have the list of approved routers by WD, but I was wanting some personal input about which routers seem to do the best out of the group, and which ones folks seem to prefer. Thanks for any help.


I’m using the wireless gateway / modem / router provided to me by my ISP (AT&T).  It’s a 2WIRE 2701HG-B.

Wireless speed is only 54Mbps but is enough for smooth 720p streaming for files with bitrates under 9,000Kbps.  

Has decent enough security (WPA2, MAC filtering) and never seems to cause any issues.  Unlike the connection itself, which is so oversubscribed I can’t maintain a solid connection between 10am and 2pm. :robotmad: I digress…

Thanks, I will check that one out. I just learned that Comcast will supply free of charge  a wireless router to customers that already have one of Comcast’s issued modems.  Ordered it today. Don’t which one it is, or even if its G or N class. All I know is that my old SMC router is keeping me at 2 MB/s. When I diosconnect it, I go to 20Mb/s.

Free is the best price.  ;)

Please let us know how you get on with the new router.