Best movie details creator

I’m really new with Gen 3. I saw that a movie can be displayed with details such as director, release date, etc. But to see this, the word around is that I need some sort of special file inside the folder for the WD TV to display. My question is what’s the best software to create such file? Thanks.


Thanks for the answer, but this doesn’t work for me. Downloaded the file, opened it and a window comes up and nothing happens. I thought I did something wrong, I do it again and this time I notice that files and folder have been created. My conclusion is that this program is not user friendly, so I look up a tutorial that points to many steps to get Thumbgen running (and is like 20 or 30 steps) where one of those steps points me to a link, for something called osdMod, that goes nowhere. I search in Google find the file but all links for that file are not working.

An hour and a half later I give up. Thanks again for the help but if this is the best I don’t want to see the worst.

If you’re not wanting Movie Sheet functionality (which is what osdMod and other custom themes are tailored for) then just use the scraper built into the WD.

What’s the “scrapper”? Sorry for sounding like a noob, but, well…I am.

Plus, is not that I don’t want MovieSheet functionality, but that I couldn’t find the so called osdMod that ThumbGen needs me to get in order to make the sheets.

This is the WDTV Live Streaming (SMP) forum 

(this device has an inbuilt Movie / TV Show scraper that will automatically grab movie info, posters and backdrops)

Looking at your previous posts, they have been in the WDTV Live & Live Plus forum …

this device has NO inbuilt Movie / TV Show scraper

Which device do you own ? and post in the correct forum and you will get the relevant answers.

P.S. osdMod is a “Theme” for use with the WDTV Live Streaming (SMP) and WDTV Live Hub

(and really, has nothing to do with “Thumbgen”)

This “Theme” will NOT work with the WDTV Live & Live Plus


If you want “Themes” and “Moviesheets” for the WDTV Live & Live Plus you will have to use “Custom Firmware”.

Register at the following website and ask questions there. (Custom Firmware is not supported here)

Thanks for the heads-up, but I’m not THAT dumb. I have a WD TV Live Plus that doesn’t work as it should AND a WD TV Gen 3, that is working just fine. So, yeah, I’m supposed to be in the right forum asking question pertaining this forum.

Now, I was asking for tutorials of how to use ThumbGen and many places in Google pointed me to this:


1 - Configure Settings

  • Download the latest version of ThumbGen from here.
  • Now download osdMod templates from here. (Check the lastest version)
  • Unzip the file “ThumbGen.exe” in a new folder called “ThumbGen”
  • Run the file “ThumbGen.exe.”
  • Without closing the program, return to the folder “ThumbGen”, we have these automatically generated files and folders:

See the second step…if the osdMod has nothing to do with ThumbGen well, somebody has to tell these people, because they think it does.

Ok, now, to the scraper issue. If that is what you say it is, then how do I set the scrapper to show the movie info? It only shows the thumbnail (located in the folder in my computer, in my home network) which I’m really grateful for. I know I can acces the movie info in the options menu, but would love to just see it when I select  a folder. Thanks!!!

Sorry, missed you owned “Both” … so relating to the WDTV SMP

Movie info does Not display for “Folders”  it only displays for "Files"

(this is well documented in the forums)

Sorry, osdMod was released for multiple devices …(and had a suffix for which device)

(Since you posted the question in the Live Streaming Forum i assumed the osdModHub version. 

osdModHub for the WDTV Live Hub and WDTV SMP (Official Firmware, No Thumbgen Required )



osdModlLive for the WDTV Live & Live Plus (Custom Firmware, Thumbgen Required)

p.s. your here links do not work   (you need select the text then click the  icon and paste the Link URL)

OK, I’ll check. Thanks.

I’m sorry to keep this up, but as I can see is not as easy as just copying a file in your movie folder or selecting an specific setting in your SMP, right?

Looks like they need to know a lot since they’ve never done this before. Setting up folder/file structures, how to upload the theme to the WDTV media player, possible fixing theme settings to get it to work/display properly (some themes only work with certain firmware) and probably more like making sure the WDTV has been reset before uploading the theme and restart after selecting the theme, as well as, having the correct settings in the WDTV after switching to a new theme.

I simply learned by reading, searching for info and trial and error. This really is advance territory depending on what programs and what the end game is. Wish I had some tutorials but I don’t

I will suggest a good program for scrapping/getting theme info.

WDTVHubGen version