Best ios app for browsing photos?

hi. I have My passport Wireless pro and I am searching for best ios app to bowse by me and friends on location photos from device . can you give advice ?

The WD My Cloud mobile app is designed to work with the WD devices; including yours. It is the most current of two WD apps. The My Photos app was developed way before the My Cloud, but why use it – it is “old tech”.

it is too complicated and cant show photos as gallery. only one buy one and it is too slow.

WD photos and WD photos classic application not working with my passport wirless pro. need some simple application that in trip or at party people can download app and connect to device and download, sent and share selected photos with gallery view and thumbnails. right now “wd cloud” and “plex” is difficult to setup for one party/project needs. please make some simple app to use dlna functionality without hard setup."