Best internal hard drive for storage?

Hello everyone,

I recently built a 6 core system for my wife who is a photographer. I have a solid state as the boot drive but we need a 4 to 6 GB hard drive for files, etc.
She uses Photoshop and Lightroom primarily.

My question, would I get better performance with a WD BLUE, WD BLUE W/SSD or WD BLACK?


Get WD Black drives

Using photo editing software including Photoshop does not require a high performance drive. Especially for image storage. I am working off a WD MyPassport and a 240GB SSD in a low power computer as a photographer. My images are stored on both a 4TB MyBook and that data is replicated to a 4TB MyCloud. I use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. My current arrangement works greats and at peak operation, I am using less than 30 watts of power. Big honking boxes with 12 levels of raid are overkill.

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Yup, I too would recommend you to get WD black drives… :smile: