Best HDD for VIDEO EDITING? Black? Red? Blue?

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bother you with this but i don’t have clear wich one is the best solutions. I know the best solution is NVMe SSD or SSD but to storage and some quick edit need to know the best option in HDD.

PS: I have a SSD runing windows and the software, and a SN550 1 TB NVMe SSD, Gen3 x4 PCIe, M.2 2280, 3D NAND for the big projects and daily edition.

Many many thanks in advanced.

I would sure hope you would buy a spinning drive for storage . unless you care not what it cost. You will get better value for sure.

the colours to me (correct me anyone if I am wrong) seem to mean how much life they get in certain situations.

Me I am cheap would get a blue because you clearly are just editing video when your done you could store them on a dvd or maybe a black hd. The blacks I have bought over the years seem to last.

Lately been issues with red and technology not compatible with certain raid storage and gold (lucky Have never bought) seems to have issues just see the posts in here on this site.

When you edit its nice to see you have speed … Most the failures I have had have been on cheap adata or old kingston ssd drives. i am still weary of the SSD but the Intel,wd,Samsung seem solid.

I have build cheaper setups using kingstons they seem to be holding out. for the lat 3-4 years now.

if you go ssd I would go black since you will be writing alot and chances are after your done editing deleting alot. .

If you don’t want to use an SSD then I recommend the Black edition for this application.

I have a regular Windows laptop with an SSD. These drives are cheaper and have potentially faster transfer speeds. But I have no way to upgrade my laptop. Despite this, I have no trouble using the Fastreel online video editor. You can get acquainted with this video editor by visiting I have access to all the features the video editor offers. I haven’t had any lags, so I think my hardware is fine for this program. If you can afford it, you can invest in more expensive hardware. It all depends on what you choose.