Best HDD for 24/7 torrents seeding

I need a 30-50 TB of free space to use in the torrent seeding.
What series is the best for this purpose?
I have 100 Mbit/s internet = 12.5 MB/s = 45 GB / hour = 1 TB / day = 360 TB / year.
But as you know - in the torrents if I need to seed 1 MB - I should read 4/8/16 MB from HDD (4/8/16 it is a torrent piece size). So workload rate will be 360 TB/year or ~1000 TB/year ?
Purple series have 180 TB/yr workload rate.
Gold series have 550 TB/yr workload rate.
What series is the best for 24/7 torrent seeding? 30-50 TB on the internet speed 100 Mbit/s.
(One time download 50 TB and 365 days in the year to seed them)
Thank you.


For this I would recommend WD Red or Purple.

These are advertised for 24/7 work environments.