Best format to use?

hey whats the best format to convert to for the WD? and if anyone has a good program suggestion it be awesome. Thanks!

With the WD TV Live hub, you don’t really need to convert if your existing format is fine because it is compatible with a lot of formats available out there. Nevertheless, MKV is a good format for videos especially the ones in HD. If you like to convert your DVDs to the hub, ISO is the best format so you can still access its menu.

For awhile i was converting dvds to iso to mkv. very time consuming. so i started just upping the isos to the drive. they dont always work, to the point they make the hub turn off and reboot. any suggestions for a good mkv program?

I back up my dvd’s as VIDEO_TS folders to the internal drive, and everything works fine. The Hub puts out a better picture than my upconverting dvd player.

Even my kids are getting tired of messing with physical media, lol.

well then let me ask you this- when you boot up the drive wouldnt all the file names say  VIDEO_TS etc? i can imagine it’d be annoying trying to find what youre looking for. Maybe im confused.

The top level folder of the rip almost always has the movie name. Occasionally you get something like 'DVD_VOLUME", but I just rename the folder. I don’t use themes, and I use what is probably the most basic view format on the Hub. I just navigate folders and files, and everything works for me.

Rip DVD’s to iso using DVDFab. You can download a trial and then after that ends a free ripper remains. With iso images you get one big file and none of the multitude of vobs scattered all over your drive.

If I had to do it all again, I would use the format that my television that isn’t hooked up to the hub can use.  My hub is in my home theater and I have a Samsung in my living room that connects to my external drives via Smart Hub. Since there is no converter, it only plays certain formats.  Maybe not an issue for you, but who knows what the future may hold.

thanks, i will try both options this week and see which i prefer