Best format to play my dvd's on WD Live

Hi everyone. I am new at all this so I would like some advice.  I am thinking of getting a WD Live to play my media. I want to connect a USB external 3TB drive to the WD Live to view my dvds and tv recordings  from one location.( Using the USB port). It will also be connected to my router for internet but not all the time. ( I have wireless internet that I shut off at night)  What is the best format to have the external 3TB drive in ?,ISO, VOB, mkv, etc. I need to have a fast forward feature and also be able to see the files as a list. ie. not multiple folders of icons, genres, which my Samsung Smart Blurray player does and is very annoying to me. I  just want to view a few folders and have all the content as a list. Will the WD Live with an external drive do this for me? Thank you for your time.

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mctavish wrote:

******  I am thinking of getting a WD Live to play my media. ******

I am assuming you are talking about a NEW WD Live SMP (Streaming Media Player).  This forum is for the old player. Suggest you post in the WD TV Live  Streaming forum.

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