Best equilibrium between video streaming and photo/data archive

Hello all,

I’m looking forward to buy an external drive to connect to my router, but I’m not sure whether to buy a My Book Duo or a My Cloud Home Duo.

Here there are my technical requirements to implement the best architecture for my home:


  • RAID 1 capability
  • Compatibility for both Win and Mac
  • Will store HD / 4K videos (.mkv / .mp4 / .avi)
  • Must be the main movies storage for a PC running Plex, that will stream to the screen using Plex app on Samsung TV or Apple TV
  • Must be read as folder for photo archive: I’d like to have the possibility to navigate the folders as on my computer (such as a normal drive)

Nice to have:

  • 1Gbps ethernet port speed
  • USB
  • Easy disk status check (I’d like to know easily if a drive is broken)
  • Future possibility to enlarge it with bigger disks

Not so important to have (but if there are will not be thrown away):

  • DLNA
  • Automatic backup of computer (Win / Apple) data
  • Automatic backup of smartphone (Android / iOS) photos

Minimum needed capacity: 2TB + 2TB
Maximum budget: 320 €

Could you please help me to understand what is the best choice between My Book Duo and My Cloud Home Duo?
Thank you!!

a quick scan of this forum of the MyCloud Home will reveal that many posters are disillusioned with the MCH and its lack of features one should reasonably expect of a NAS.

Worse still is WD’s complete lack of recognition of this fact

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Ok, but my question is: will the MCH work as NAS storage attached to my LAN to store the movie for a plex server on my computer that will stream on TV?


Not sure …. you could look at this article about plex on the MCH >>

I have previously used plex with my own MCH using the Kodi plex addon and it worked OK but I didn’t like the interface or functionality

Using Kodi’s own media library was far better with Kodi connecting to my media library located in the public folder of the MCH over SMB