Best Drives for Capturing VHS


I am in the process of setting up a VHS to Digital system.

Currently I have a top of the line VHS from the 90s as well as an ATI Radeon All in Wonder Capture card. I will have a Time Based Corrector soon.

All of this because I have over 500 VHS tapes to convert.

As per the experts in this area I have sourced a Socket 775 computer with an AGP slot for the above card.

I want one Sata hard drive to run Windows XP (which is the only operating system that still supports this card) and another larger hard drive to store the captured AVI file on.

This computer will never be connected to the internet.

Could somebody recommend both the system hard drive to use and also the data hard drive please.

I have always used Western Digital drives but am not sure here whether to go with Blue or Green or Purple or Black etc.



While the 7,200 RPM WD Blue model may seem to overlap in specs with the WD Black, it doesn’t incorporate its ability to withstand the workload of the recording environment. The WD Black has the advantage here due to its dual-core processor that allows it to maximize the HDD performance even more.

A SSD would be nice for a boot device as it would be quick to boot up and start the software you need for capture. 256GB SSD Blues should handle your boot and programs.

500 VHS tapes in real time…~1200+ hrs of recording is 50+ days of recording…pretty big task to take on. I would be looking at Goodwill stores and pawn shops and yard sales for copies on DVD to rip. Then resell the DVDs since you have legal copies on VHS. :wink:

Thank you for that.

These VHS tapes are from family and friends of birthdays, weddings, trips etc. I have other means to find commercial movies :slight_smile:

I was thinking of a SSD as a boot device but as I will be running XP which doesn’t support the trim command I wasn’t sure. I guess it is easy to use WD software to do this say once a month right?

The black drive for recording? That is interesting. It doesn’t produce more heat than the blue? I guess if people use it for gaming then it must be able to cope with lots of work.

Ok. I have some good ideas now.

Thanks again,


I would suppose trim should be done more often if there is a lot of writing and deleting. Since most capture software writes temporary data until it completes you may be doing a lot of this as most often the temp data is written to C drive. You should confirm that the WD software for the SSD will install to XP. Pretty old OS. :wink: