Best DLNA app for Win 7 64bit

What’s the best DLNA app to use with WD TV Live Plus and Windows 7 64bit? Thanks

I dunno. That’s like asking “What’s the best pie?”

Tony holds a valid point, there will be many differeing opinions on this. I’ve used Twonky, and it works well. I currently use Playon for streaming online content to my Live Plus too. I would scour the forum for what media servers people use.

serviio has just had a new release, brings RSS feeds into the picture - so just about any podcast, iplayer feeds (UK), youtube in full resolution ect: are playable on a WDTV or any other DNLA TV or player .

Thanks guys. I was sort of hoping that some folks would post what they were using. I’ll take the couple of packages mentioned here and do some more searching. Does anyone notice a difference in quality between streaming or network share, or maybe is one better for WIFI connections?