Best container on current firmware?

Hi all.  I was wondering what has been the best container for movies ripped from DVD and Blu-ray. (trying to save my actual media from being destroyed by my kids)

I currently have some mkv, and some ISO.  The MKV play ok, but I don’t always have time to transcode so I rip DVD with DVDFab decrypter and turn to ISO with Imgburn.   The blu-ray, I just take the m2ts file and place it on the hub.

I have been getting mixed results with ISO, some play, others just show black screen and freeze the hub.  Seems like this has been an on/off issue with the hub.

What has been the most successful way for you guys/gals?  What software are you using?

I use DVDFab (Free version) and then transcode to MKV with handbrake, or ISO with Imgburn when I don’t have time to transcode.


I use PavTube ByteCopy to make lossless MKV rips of my BD discs. They work perfectly on the hub. Yes, the file sizes are big, but I like to preserve the original picture quality and the multi-channel audio. The software works great and is a one-stop solution for ripping BD discs. No other program needed. Takes about an hour and 15 minutes to rip a 2 hour movie. You can change settings to lower the files sizes and there’s even a Live Hub preset.

I have used anydvd to rip vobs then imageburn to create iso which play with no problems.  I just tried dvdfab which ripped to both vob and iso.  The iso played fine.  The isos are all stored on the internal drive.  I have used handbrake to convert files to mp4 but cannot get it to decode a dvd even with VLC installed.