Best Back Up Option Without UPS - USB or Second Cloud

Hi Forum.

Hoping for some advice for backing up my 2TB MyCloud.

Was planning a UPS until I discovered that power down cannot be managed via UPS on MyCloud.

Now wondering, without UPS, what is my best back up option.

Would a WD 2TB Ultra USB be better than a second MyCloud.

Wondering if a USB drive in sleep mode (default after 30 mins) might be less susceptible to our “trippy" power supply.

Thanks Diggory

Hi Diggory, welcome to the WD Community. It depends on your needs, with the Passport ultra you have the convenience of having your backup in a portable device and with another My Cloud you have the option of having your backup saved on another location. For more information on how to create the Safepoint check the link below. 

How to create a Safepoint backup of a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive on another device

Many thanks for the reply.

I am pretty much okay with the pros and cons; portability, connectivity etc.

What I am not so sure about is which option would be less susceptable to intermitent power outages.

Thanks D 

Dear Forum

Guess I asked a bit of an odd question in my original post but wondered if someone had come up against this before.

Since posting, I have now bought a 2TB Ultra; I got a good price with a 5 year Warranty.

Plus, I like the idea of it being USB powered and not adding yet another PSU block.

I intend to leave it permanently connected to the MyCloud for scheduled backups. 

I will just have to see if the USB option is robust to power outs.

The Ultra looks a tidy little unit, I see it is formatted NTFS for Win.

Will I need to worry about formatting for my intended use with the MyCloud.

(I am using mainly Macs and IOS with the MyCloud)

Thanks D