Best 2TB drive, not for performance, but reliability..?


I don’t care about performance…What I need is quality, and reliability. I’m looking for a 2TB hard drive that will last me a very very long time, and will act as a backup hard drive for all of my data. Something that can take a beating and still work…? I’ll be copying about 300GB in one sitting to it when I get it for backup too as well, possibly more.

I had a 500GB WD5000AAKS for backup of all of my data…but one day it just stopped working randomly. So I need a new 2TB  hard drive that will last me a long time… I tried to get help on the forum for it ( ) But I didn’t get any help unfortunatly…( if you can help me though, or get someone else that can, this would be greatly appriciated as I have all of my data on it…and would rather not lose it…)

Thanks! ^_^ 

You might look at this model, which apparently is designed for reliability:

However if you continue to ignore the fact that these are internal drives meant to operate inside a case, you may damage the circuit board with ESD and the only drive reliable enough will be an external drive that comes in an enclosure. In that case please ignore this suggestion and look at an external model like this:

It’s free shipping right now and they are throwing in a 1 year extended warranty. One review notes the internal drive insight might be a WD20EVDS which is an AV model like the first model.

I always stored my WD5000AAKS 500GB hard drive very carefully…Is there anyway I can fix it and recover all of my data…? O.o;;

So would an extra $5 be worth it for the external one…? Which one is more reliable, built to last…? I can also get an exclosure for the WD20EURS this time around to prevent anything bad from happening…

When I checked at, they didn’t offer free shipping for either because I’m a Canadian. ._.
They don’t offer an extended warranty either, it’s kind of dumb that they’re only offering this to the United States, and not Canada. )= 

What is an “AV model” like the first one anyhow…? Thanks for your reply. ^^