BerryBoot Welcome screen freezes

I have the 1Tb PiDrive and enclosure Berryboot edition with Pi 3. Recently I read about the Nextcloud box, which is identical to my setup so I downloaded the Nextcloud Pi 3 image, installed it onto my SD card and ran it on my system. I tried to follow the Nextcloud instructions but couldn’t get it to work. I then reformatted my SD card and reloaded Berryboot onto it. When I run it, it gets to the Welcome screen and freezes, mouse and keyboard not responding. My intention was to try the Berryboot version of Nextcloud. There is no problem with my mouse and keyboard or the Pi. They work ok if I load my foundation edition onto the system.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Could I have corrupted the PiDrive? If so, how can I recover the situation?


Pi Drive ok. Works perfectly with Foundation Edition.