Belkin N750 DB Wireless USB Router

I have updated to the latest firmware some time back…

recently i bought the Belkin N750 DB wireless USB router…

but when i try to search for  my wireless net connection,i am not getting any access point names…

how do i solve this problem?..

So let me see if I’m getting this, the unit gives you the option to connect via Wireless but you don’t see the router to connect to?

Try testing the adapter on your PC…

This are the only belkin adapters that have been tested so far with the latest firmware

Belkin N1 Surf & Share Wireless Adapter F7D2101 v1
Belkin Basic Wireless Adapter F7D1101 v1
Belkin Wireless N+ USB Adapter F5D8055 v2
Belkin Wireless N+ USB Adapter F5D8053 v4
Belkin Enhanced Wireless Adapter F6D4050 v2

You may verify that the wireless adpater you have is compatible with the LIve Hub:

List of compatible devices for the WD TV Live Hub Media Center and WD TV Live Streaming Media Player