Belkin f7d4101 wireless adapter compatibility


I bought Belkin play f7d4101 wireless adapter to connect my WDTV live wirelessly to my home network. But it doesn’t get detected. Even the power light on the adapter doesn’t glow. Till last week I saw this adapter comtability link where this specific adapter was removed from the list with a note like this." The adaper is temporarily removedfrom the list while additional testing is being done" But I see that no longer.

Any workaround to work with this adapter currently or any comment from WD if this will be included in the next firmware release?


Since the drivers for the adapters are built in to the WD firmware, there is nothing that can be done. The only thing you can do is to write to WD and ask them to include your adapter on their supported list. WD never comments on which adapters will be included in their list.