Beginning of next audio track is chopped off

When playing a series of audio tracks (I have WMA and MP3), the first second or so of each new track gets chopped off.  I don’t know if the problem is in my WD Live box or my receiver.  The WD live is connected to the receiver (Onkyo TX-SR607) via HDMI.  I’m running firmware 1.01.24. 

Is there anyone else out there experiencing this issue?

Yes, i have this problem as well. I think it´s for everyone the same. The question is if it´s possible to fix this if the hardware cant play more smoothly? Really annoying!

That’s usually the time it takes for the receiver to initialize the audio decoder after it detects an incoming audio stream. Since the receiver doesn’t know in advance if it’s gonna receive a simple PCM stream or a DTS encoded track, receivers usually configure the digital inputs as (auto), so they adjust on the fly, causing the hitch at the start; what sounds a little more strange is that it happens between songs too. I have an older Onkyo model (SR603) and that only happens right after I switch it on, or when I play a DTS track after playing PCM, never between songs. You could try hooking it to the optical out, maybe that will solve the issue.

For instance I have my Onkyo receiver hooked to the optical out of my DVB-T and since the box only outputs stereo PCM I have set that digital input on the receiver to “PCM” instead of auto, precisely to prevent it from skipping that first second. Unfortunately if you did that for the input hooked to the WDTV, it would mess up when you played a DTS track, making it sound as white noise.

Thanks for the advice. I changed the audio output from HDMI to analog and now its perfect. I still belive though that the WD TV Live is the reason for the problem and not the receiver.

My HDTV Live is hooked up to a Denon 1910 AVR (HDMI) and an external WD Elements 1.5Tb USB drive.  I can play MP3s all day long without experiencing any issues.

However, If I relocate my USB drive onto my WRT610N router and access it via a uPNP Media Server interface over the LAN, then the HDTV Live will drop the network connection every 30 minutes precisely.  Between these drop outs, MP3s play back perfectly.

This is with F/W 1.01.24

If that media server is a Twonky, go to the Network page in it’s web configuration and “Disable UPnP Timeout Messages”.  As you’ll see, the page’s description says that should stop it from dropping out exactly every 30 minutes.

I am experiencing that exact issue. I use the WD live with a Denon AVR 1910

I experienced the same with the old WD TV 1st gen on a TV hooked up via component.