Beginner with thumbgen, generate cover tickle template for original theme?


I’m a french user, so i’m apologize for my english.

I’m a new user of WD SMP and i would like change the template. I like  Covertickle template

I have a simple question: i want keep the original theme of the WD SMP.

Is it possible to change template or not?

If no, what is the theme to install to change original template and put covertickle template?

And I’m sorry but I read several tutorial and I don’t understand the definition and the difference between:

  • thumbnail, extra thumbnail, main movisheet (its cover?), extra moviesheet, Main/Extra moviesheet metadat and spare moviesheet and metadata.

2013-02-04_13h52_25.png 2013-02-04_13h52_51.png

By defaut, my WD SMP generate a .metathumb, a .xml and a folder .movie (contain Backdrop)

In case Movie info export I put ".xml (Export using WDTV Live Hu format)

In case Main moviesheet I put “.metathumb”

I have manage these files but the Moviesheets Template “default_thumbgen Template” doesn’t show up.

Sorry for all theses questions but I don’t find the answers to my questions.

Thank’s a lot if you can help me.



So nobody has an answer to help me? :confused:

I would know if is it possible to install cover tickle template on the original firmware and with the original theme of the WDlive SMP.

And what is the files must be generate by thumbgen to show covertickle.

Thanks a lot


Covertrickle Sheets (1280x720) where designed for use with WDLXTV … Which is *Custom Firmware*

You have to create or edit a theme to use them with the SMP …

and decide wether to design it for  “Moviesheets or Linksheets”

Linksheets on the SMP are limited to 30MB storage (which isnt practical)


The Hub ?  no limits (well … 1TB)

“Other” ways it can be done on the Hub with OLD  Firmware 2.07.17

This is a Similar Method to “Covertrickle” except the covers are not embedded on the Moviesheet.

  • Using Thumbnails with PNG Alpha Transparency (SMP will not do this … Later Hub Firmware will not either)
  • Using “Linksheets”


Thank’s a lot for your answer.

Sorry for my late but I have read your answer several time to be sure to understand it :slight_smile:

So if I want show covertickle template on SMP I must be install a particular theme, like Mochi for example?

The problem with SMP is that these Moviesheets is stock in the Theme’s folder in the theme, and this them musn’t exceed 30MB?

Do I understand?

And is not possible to install this template with origin firmware?

I can’t install an other Moviesheet that this by default on the original firmware?

Had a play around with “TrickleSheets” today … yes, it can be done

This is NOT a full theme … it’s a test (proof of concept)

Just replaced thumbnails with the “Tricklesheet”  no “Linksheets” used

This will NOT work / be practical with Network Shares (Local / Internal HDD’s only) 

*Due to thumbnails not being cached on Network Shares*

It’s an old template i did years ago … (looks a bit crude … but for the sake of ‘testing’ here it is)

*Actual Screenshot taken from the Live Hub using the “Capture Screenshot” option*

Download Link … AND READ THE READ ME!!