i have got my New MyPassport Essential of 500GB , forgot which possword i setted on it !!! when i attached it with my lappy and it asked for password to unclock it :frowning: ( !! My cousin bought and setted password and he forgot the pass) 

when i Clicked on remove all my data… it shows the Drive of by the name of MyPassport and description like total disk space 465GB and Availble is 465 Gb !! :frowning: !!  

but i have lost  my VCD or Virual Cd drive of My Passort !! now its like working as USB !! 

i need to know following things 

  1. how can i get back that VCD to set password onto it again  and use that manager ?

  2. how can i check version whather its updated or shall i update it again ?

  3. can i make partitions onto that hardisk ?

  4. install other operatings system onto it ?  

5)How to check the current Firmware Version and the Latest Firmware Versions of Mypassport ?

I will be really Thank full !! if you help me out !!!

If you access the Western Digital website you will find by model number the VCD and the latest firmware version for your drive.

i m getting confuse :frowning: !!! how to get that software back … have been too much things still confused :frowning: !!

i found updaters but not exactly softwares 

WDsmartware  but it its wdsmartware.exe ain opening :frowning: getting error , Application can’t start from Drive !! 

so installing it Via SWsmartware Folder :frowning: !!! their is something !!! 

It is always 465 GB, not 500GB… My passport essential 500GB also only contains 465GB.

You can download the WD smartware program on this website maybe… And it’ll fix other problem