Begin from start

Is it possible to re-start all the process,

-Reset the WD My Cloud like a new one?

-Reset the WD My Cloud server to erase all trace from a previous installation?

Thank you.


Laval, Qc


To reset the Wd MyCloud like a new one, but keep all the content on it (although user profiles will be deleted, all shares will be made public locally, and the only account will be “admin” with a blank password):

  • do a system only factor restore from the UI, OR

  • do a 40s power off reset on the NAS. See manual.

To completely erase  the content and set the cloud to factory setting, do a Quick Restore from the admin UI

To completely erase the content, set the cloud to factory setting and overwrite the disk with zeros, do a a full restore from the admin UI.