Before Buying


I’m considering buying a WD TV Live Media Player. Must connect it to an old computer screen that does not support HDMI or HDCP thought converting HDMI to DVI.

My question is, use WD Live TV Media Player by HDCP?

/ / Mikael, Sweden

You want to use this old computer screen as your “television”, right?  (Because the Live isn’t designed to play media on a computer, just media FROM a computer).

With small HDTV displays being dirt cheap I don’t know why anyone would bother (for one thing, that screen isn’t going to be either hi-def or the right aspect ratio).

Hi Mikael,

There appear to be known issues (or at least, reported issues) with HDMI > DVI connections from the WDTV Live.

I think it does use HDCP, which might restrict available resolutions when connecting to a non-HDCP device?  

Also, depending on how your old computer screen reports supported resolutions, the Live might not be aware that higher resolutions are available.

Yeah, it does use DHCP. Had issues with DVI devices with this and other media players… cj