Beeping My Cloud at midnight


My Cloud works fine BUT, at midnight it starts beeping, stops, starts beeping again 10 min later does this for an hour. Whats up? I’ve reset. unplugged replugged. talked to it. works even when beeping.

Strange beeping sound

You replied to a 3 year old post so I split it into it’s own thread just to keep replies focused on your issue instead of the one posted about in the original thread.

Regarding your issue, it’s beeping consistently at midnight every night? Is that midnight “on the dot” or just around that time of night? (Is it consistently at the same exact time every night?)


A speaker or at least a buzzer is required to emit a “beep”, there’s no such thing in single bay Mycloud.


What specific My Cloud model do you have? The single bay My Cloud units, the general subject of this subforum, do not have a speaker. Never heard my single bay my cloud unit beep.