Beeping at random times


My WD TV Live streaming is started to beep at random times through audio output while playing from network share and once while the movie was paused. I had to stop then resume the playback to fix this.

There is no external HD, only wired connection to router, and HDMI to TV.

Any ideas what can be the problem?



Have you verified if the same problem happens when trying to play the videos from an external USB memory or hard drive? What audio configuration are you using for the WDTV? 


I could not try with usb, but the problem occours only at random time with the same movie, or never at all.

It starts a constant beep, i have to stop playback, and restart again. After that i’m rewinding a few minutes (before the beed started) and continuing, the beep does not started again…

If you thougt about hardware config: the WD to LG LA691S via HDMI, the TV connects to a Logitech Z906 with optical.

I did not change anything on audio settings. It started after the last upgrade form WD.


_ hadesz wrote: but the problem occours only at random time with the same movie _

So this is happening only for One movie ?  

Do all your other movies play ok ?

If “Yes” … then there is a problem with that Single movie (corrupt, bad encode,bad download etc.)

Seems the same problem of me and prostaff


No, I mean it sometimes buzzing with the movie, and the other time not. So it cannot be linked to a video files.


Yes, it seems so, thanks for the link.