Beep sound only in the begining

My “WD 2 TB My Passport Ultra” makes beep sounds in the beginning (usually within 10 mins) whenever I use it after a long time (say a month). Otherwise it works normally like a typical hard drive. Is this a sign of impending hdd failure. Obviously it has important data and I am worried.

Need some expert opinion on this


I have a 4TB My Passport Ultra that only makes a single beep sound when powered down or ejected which is normal for this hard drive.

Any other ‘beep’ sounds i’ve encountered with that drive and others i have are from lack of power from the USB Bus (i have a non-powered USB hub, and if i plug anymore than 2 drives at the same time, they will beep)

Lastly, if you have important data on a hard drive and are worried about losing it … you should ALWAYS have a backup of that data on another hard drive in case of failure.

Only having 1 copy of important data is not wise … it’s advised to always have 3 copies or at least 2 (multiple hard drives for backups are a lot cheaper than data recovery services if the drive fails)