Been trying to set up this My Cloud thingy. Not quite user friendly. instructions need to be in crayon, I will fly anyone out her to Phoenix to set this thing up.... s

Big money for someone to hook this ■■■■■■ up.

Have you read the user manual?

After connecting it to your router, and applying power, go to the section on ‘Setting up via the Dashboard’.

Should take no more than ten minutes from applying power, once you know what you’re doing…

Just checking that

a) you have a MyCloud, not a MyCloud Home
b) you don’t have an at&t router…

The included directions with a brand new My Cloud device were not simple enough?

Otherwise one can download and read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to connect the My Cloud to the router and then access the My Cloud Dashboard to configure the My Cloud device. Or one can see the My Cloud Support site that has much information as well…

OP is kinda vague in what he means by “set up.” This could be anything from “this is in my house” to “This needs to be accessed via a VPN”, to “Yeah, I need to connect this with ActiveDirectory”-- etc.

Of those, only item #1 is covered in the enclosed installation materials with any real efficacy.

Thanks… I appreciate the feedback. I just real frustrated… The router & cable company I rented it from would not let me change the ports. So, when trying to use Chrome nothing worked… I was just frustrated how vague instructions were and my lack of knowledge of all the acronyms.
All is good now. I’m just trying to install too much at one time. Everything is perfect!

Tres cool, Thanks for sending this… I just got frustrated… took a few days off from setting it up…all is well…


Thanks… I have just the my cloud. no AT&T… but Cox… yes, it was the port settings giving me t probs… Everything is great. Thanks SO much for responding