BD rip main title spread among several files

Hello forum,


At first I thought this was an issue with my software but I am noticing that certain full BD rip’s such as the movie UP and Gladiator has the main title spread over several files instead of just one large M2TS file.  What software should I use, if any, to consolidate all those tracks into just one track to play on the HUB or any other media player?  I’m sure this issue is not new, so excuse me if I have posted info that has already been addressed.

TSMuxerGUI will do that. First, use BDInfo to find the PLAYLST file in the BD that represents the main movie. Then, open that playlist file in TSMuxer and it will combine all the individual TS files into one.

Thanks boss man!:wink: I will give that option a try as soon as I get home tonight and post my results!