Bck-up stopped working after Firmware update / not working anymore

I am using my WD EX4 for storage and another one as back-up using “Remote back-up”.

This was working fine, but just realized today it stopped working about a week ago!!!

I believe this is when the firmware update was done. (Good thing I realized this now and not after I really needed to recover!!! - would have been a disaster!)

Backup Status Backup complete on Friday, 2014 June 13, 5:05:06 PM
Schedule 00:00 Daily

I suspect it might be because it seems WD changed the software and the option 00:00 is no longer available and only have 01:00…  WD users shodul have been informed  :frowning:

Only way to fix it is to delete all back-up jobs previously set-up and recreate it. **bleep**.

The bigger problem is that now the back-up seems to create a folder WUL243nnnnnn_remote_backup and created the back-up inside that folder instead of just backing-up the files in the folder specified. How on earth can this be ??

This is a big mess and defeats the purpose completely.

There are now two options: Backup and Syncronize - but no (i) to explain the difference and it seems to make no difference.

Pulling my hair out now!

Seriously guys!!! ???

This is currently undergoing investigation.