BBC iPlayer via a proxy?

How do I make my WDTV Live in Malaysia think it is in the UK so it shows the iplayer app. There must be some proxy work around/solution. If I can watch iplayer on my desktop it can’t be much of a stretch to get my WDTV to do the same…

Hello Stumac, this type of feature is not supported but maybe some of the other users can give you some suggestions. 

Companies such as offer just such a proxy service for around $3 per month.  The WDTV has a manual Proxy entry to enter the IP number of the proxy and the port number (both obtained with the proxy service) The server for this is physically located in UK so iplay etc. will work using it.  The only problem is that the manual for WDTV page 190 clearly shows how to put that in but like most proxy servers it has to be logged into with the name and password they give you.  I am still looking in the manual where that can be entered into the system.  Meantime the only go-round I have is to do via your Laptop etc. and put the proxy into the settings for  Internet explorer. (see (Tools - Internet Options - Connections - Lan Settings) where you can enter the settings for the proxy and the system will ask for your name and password when you start to use it.  YTou can then plag that directly into the TV via HDMI etc. and thereby have the UK iplayers running on your TV. 

So if there is a WD tech reading this we would all love to know where we put the name and password into the WDTV live because without it then having a proxy setting as defined by page 190 is useless because corporate enviroonments  also use name and password to use their proxy servers.


Hi eteams, for your request I would contact support directly.