BBC Iplayer glitchy

Hi all, hope someone can help with this. The iplayer app seems to be quite glitchy, for example if you pause then restart a program it often goes back to the beginning. Also, turning on subtitles causes the program to stop and you have to start over. It doesn’t seem to make a difference if I use wifi or cable. I purchased the box primarily to use this service but it is almost more trouble than its worth! Is there an update out there that cures this problem?

What firmware is on your player and have you tried resetting to factory defaults in the setup menu. Sometimes a reset will cure a problem.

Thanks for your quick response. Firmware version is 1.13.18. I’m reluctant to go through the whole process of resetting the unit if this firmware causes a known issue, if it does is it possible to roll back to a previous version?

Whole process? Just reset in the menu, I do it every time I update.
You can rollback however if you want.

Ok thanks I will give it a try.

Ok I have reset the box to factory and this has made no difference. I believe it is a problem with the app not the box, as other services seem to run fine in terms of the pause/unpause problem.