Battlefield2042 Redemption Code already used!

I ordered the promo for the WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe SSD Battlefield 2042. However, the battlefield 2042 redemption code that was supposed to come with it, which it did, was already used! Wonderful WD. I have open tickets, and I’m being ignored. I even have an open chat with Twitter atm, which is also being ignored. I have provided all the necessary photos or proof I can supply. I realize this is my first post here, but I never post on forums. I just cant stand getting jerked around like this. Troll the post, or whatever makes viewers of this topic happy.
The point is, I ordered something, and it arrived compromised, and already activated by someone else. Now where is the redemption code I was supposed to receive?

I sent in my redemption code to WD and have not received my product code for Origin…

I got a reply from western digital, and I have no idea if they read this or not. They stated they will send a new redemption code within 24 - 48 hours. We shall see what happens. I will post an update when/if it arrives.

pareil je suis dans le meme cas que toi
quand je rentre le code cela me dit was already used

Goobz, no idea what you said. The code was already used for redeeming the game. They get back to me and sent a new code :slight_smile: Thank you for the help.

Still waiting to hear back on my case on this- same issue.

Same here I redeem the code got a verification email but not the email with the product code, now it says that is already used

I’m still waiting too! This is just wrong. Hopefully we will hear back today.