Battery in Hub


I have three 1TB Hubs

Today I just popped off the top off one of my Hubs. Looked clean no dust.


That 3V watch battery! I removed it and installed a new battery. I looked in the manual and did a internet search on Hub battery.


How long dose the battery last?

Like I said I just changed out one Hub battery but I own 3 Hubs. I may just change all 3 Hub batteries but just wanted to know how long do the Hub battery last. On computers you have a similar battery for CMOS BIOS suff and I have never changed any computer CMOS BIOS battery.

Pretty sure that it’s there for loss of power to keep the hub’s settings. So it’s life would probably be dependant on how many hours there was NO power applied to the Hub. But…most of those batteries last about 3 years on the average. If you powered on your Hub from a full power off or from a power outtage and it was like a factory reset, I would change the battery. :slight_smile:

Funny, the remotes for my car BOTH died at the same time. One of the remotes is kept in the kitchen drawer and is used only on occasion. The car is a 2010 and I changed the batteries in March 2013.

Ya I go my first Hub with they first came out.


Never had a loss of settings so the 3V watch battery was probably still good. Any who Its changed now .


Unplugged the Hub

Popped the top off

Pushed the Brass holder outward.

Battery pops out

Layed in a new battery

Pushed the Brass holder outward

Pressed the battery in

Released the Brass holder

It was pretty easy but someone may try to pry the battery out or pull out the Brass holder so this post will give them a general procedure.

Well now I got a fresh 3 year good to go Hub