Battery Backup on My Cloud

I’m getting ready to purchase a single drive My Clound and asking if anyone thinks a battery back up power supply is worth putting the cloud on it?

For what purpose? To filter the power (brown outs, lighting strikes, etc.)? To keep the My Cloud up and running when power is lost? How often do you loose power?

Unless you are putting your network router and other network devices on battery backup you may not gain all that much putting just the My Cloud alone on battery backup other than not having the My Cloud take a few moments or minutes to restart after loosing power and then having it restored. At the very least you’d need to have the My Cloud and network router its connected to on the battery backup if you plan on going that route.

I agree with your thoughts. We haven’t had that many power disruptions. I was thinking that maybe the device had some kind of shutdown like Windows has on power failure and a uninterruptible supply connected.

No it does not have a “shutdown” on power loss as there is no battery inside the single bay My Cloud. While a Windows (or other OS) laptop may gracefully shut down upon power loss thanks to its internal battery, most desktop PC’s will not due to lack of a battery. When the power is cut to the My Cloud, it simply reboots back up once power has been reapplied.

To gracefully shut down a single bay My Cloud upon power loss would most likely require the battery backup device to have some sort of capability to issue SSH commands to the My Cloud to trigger the My Cloud to shut down upon the battery backup device loosing power from the grid.

THANKS for response, I appreciate the help.