Batch or cmd file for switching access rights?

Hi folks,

i got the same problem like many others that i didn’t like the write access to my video and music files under “public”.
I could “solve” it by creating a new share, set it to “public access” but changed via putty on OS level the access rights to 755: drwxr-xr-x.
Now i can browse the files via DLNA without deleting or modifying them unintentionally.
Thats fine but - of course - if i wanna add or remove files i need to set back the access rights and re-do it after the write process.
Is there a batch or comd avail which i could run on Windows without logging in via putty ?
i don’t think so but i’m not a linux pro :wink:

Hi olaf313,

It is recommended configuring DLNA from within the dashboard. Please check the link below.