Batch Convert Jpeg Covers to metada format

Everyone probably already knows this but once you have a bunch of jpegs the right size you can make a bat file that will rename all the jpegs to a metadata extention. BTW I am running windows 7, not sure if it differs on the older os’s.

Open notepad and type the following

ren *.jpg *.metathumb

save this notepad as metadata.bat

save it to your desktop or working area

put all your jpegs into a folder with that file and run it.

it will change all of the extentions to the metadata format.

I have been doing my cover art by hand for the default view and this has saved me a bunch of time. I have reposted this as i have seen questions pertaining to the conversion. My inital post contained a vital type error and has thus been fixed.

For those of you that are not computer savy and would like to do this I have uploaded the needed file to mediafire for you to use.

Place this file into the folder with your already sized Jpeg files and double click it to convert.

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Nice, thanks for sharing. :wink: