Basic NAS Question

So I have been around electronics and networking for a long time and just got into NAS simply for file sharing on my network.  I have what hopefully is a fundamental / basic question:

Scenario :

I have 5 HDs represented by HD1-5  (HD1, HD2 etc)

On each drive I have created a volume represented by VOL1-5

I create on Share on each drive represented by SHARE1-5

I put different data on all 5 volumes and shares

All drives are JBOD and no services are enabled (media server, itunes, etc)

I take out the HD4 with VOL4 & SHARE4 and inserting HD5 and creating assumably what would be VOL5 and SHARE5.

Obviously I dont have 5 bays. I have created a VOL5 & SHARE5 on HD5 while HD4 with VOL4 & SHARE4 sits on a shelf somewhere for use later.

My question is :  

1.“Is this permittable”? (will VOL5 be created, or will it simple assign whichever 1-4 is missing)

2. Is the data on the removed HD4 safe and accessable?

3. If it reassignes a 1-4 volume from question #1, and I reinsert a duplicate will there be a collision/conflict/error?

4. If I remove HD2 and reintroduce HD4 in that bay instead of 4, will it be recognised and have all the perviousl VOL & Data?

So in simple terms, is this or any other unit “smart” enough to handle a swappable HD, VOL & SHARE?  (and yes I realize I may be taxing this perticular device with all its other problems, which is why I ask it two fold.

5. Is it permittable by a NAS rules/structure/topology?

6. Is is possible on this device?


To get answers to this type of questions it is better to contact WD support by phone or email.