Basic ISCSI information needed

I am using a MyCloud EX2 Ultra devise with 2 X 4 TB drives, mirroring them (Volume_1 RAID_1).

My target is to have the Volume_1 drive (or most of it) as an external connected drive to my PC. I have done this through ISCSI, using 2TB of the 4 available. I used the letter H for the ICSI drive in my PC.

When I log to my MyCloudEX2Ultra web-page, I see that half of the storage is empty, the other half (the 2TB) are used by “Other”.

I have the following basic questions about the usage of ISCSI, I could not find the basic answers:

  1. I want this H drive to be constantly backed up to the other drive, I just want the other to be the mirror basically, so that I can work on the files in H and be sure that I have a continuous backup. Is this working in this way or I need to set-up something specific?

  2. Can I access the data contained in H from outside the network (e.g. if I am not connected to the same network - e.g. when travelling)?

  3. What happens if I disable and delete the ISCSI from the MyCloud storage devise? Will I lose everything or things are saved in the 2 drives and I will just not have the ISCSI connection anymore?

To put it simply, you are working off both drives simultaneously. The iSCSI target is merely a reservation of that size on the Raid container on the NAS.

  1. No. What you do in your H drive occurs to both physical disks. There is no ‘backup’. Also, RAID isn’t a backup method but a redundancy technique that has added benefits (speed, size etc).

  2. No. iSCSI targets are only accessible via the initiators that access them. It’s block level access of the NAS which only the initiators can access. The NAS just sees a large portion of reserved disk space. If you want to access the data remotely you need to revert to more traditional means.

  3. Deleting an iSCSI target will almost certainly wipe it.

There are specific applications where iSCSI is used so I assume if you know what it is then you have a good reason for it.