Basic Info about replacing disks in QNAP

Hello all

i just have a basic question:

i have a QNAP with 8 disk WD20EFRX-68AX9N0 - 80.0080A (2TB)
and i have 3 of them in abnormal (pre-fail maybe) and the virtual disk (RAID-5) change to “only READ”

i want to replce this 3 disk…what are my options?

  • i must buy exactly the same model with same firmaware?
  • same model and upgrade frmaware (how i do that…dont see that option in QNAP)
  • another 2TB model?
  • other?


given those are old disks you might want to get 8 fresh new disks and maybe 2 spares

thank you…and if i found the exact model…how can i get and upgrade the firmware?


wd life guard can do that

Thanks for your time…and excuse me lack of knowledge on this matter…
The formware upgrade utility in NAS only upgrade the firmware for the NAS itself but not the disks…so i assume that the way to upgrade the disk is plug it first to a computer via SATA interface, right?
for new disk seems fine…but looks a little dangerous for existing ones…dont you agree?

by the way…is there a place in to download firmware or wd life guard do the job also?

by the way2…i see life guard diagnostic on the web…but seems to be only for test disks…you have the official link for the utility?


in the NAS the only firmware is the OS itself, most use FreeNAS

thanks…and about the other questions?

hard disks themselves do not need firmware as the technology is so mature now that its unneeded

QNAS an update itself if needed but NAS systems are also mature and about the only time there is an issue is if a certificate is revoked etc