Basic drive testing and evaluaton

I have an unreliable WD 1T internal drive (about two years old,) it works fine for months, then starts to show as, “at risk” in the XP management console and becomes “failed.” After many reboots and fussing I can get it back but it’s too worrisome to trust. It was kept half full of backup data, never a boot drive.

I moved off all the data and did a “quick format.” If I try to full format it, my PC locks every time. Right now, it is empty and shows as “healthy.”

Is there an approprate WD software download to establish if this thing should be discarded?

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

It sounds like a bad sectors issue.

As a recommendation, try using the WD DLG Tool to test the drive and try to write zeros to the drive.

See the link below for assistance.

Thank you for your time.

I went in that direction on my own, I installed the DLGDIAG software, it passed the quick test. I ran the extended test with all my anti virus & other programs shut down etc., and 3min in it locked up, no mouse movement. A reboot has me back.

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Sorry for my apparently poor attention, I now see you instruct, “try to write zeroes.” I shall do that now.

I ran the short ver zero write. Then I retried the extrended eval, which locked up the PC as per usual.

So, now I have the long version zero write ongoing, hopefully it will complete, it wants 2hrs more, so I am going to the gym.

Feel free to post your recommendation for

1.) a successful write, and

2.) a failure.

Presuming it fails I’d ask, what now? Presuming it works, I’d ask, “What happeded?” I will check for your post, and try the extended test again, the results of which you may prefer, before advising me again at all.



If the unit finishes with the zeros without any errors, initialize the drive through the disk management and test the unit again.

If it fails the zeros, please try to contact WD Support for further assistance.

WD Contact Info:

Hi again,

It completed the full zero wipe. I ran the extended test and it locked up the PC about a half hour in.

The link you provide is useless, I don’t see how you can’t know it.

What good is being directed to a page that tells me to download the software I’ve been using, software that won’t work? I need to speak with a knowledgeable tech person.


If the drive keeps locking up the computer, it’s probably that the drive is experiencing multiple issues beyond repair.

My recommendation on this case, is to contact WD Support directly as this is a user to user community and not a support venue.

WD Contact info:

Run CrystalDiskInfo or HD Sentinel or smartmontools against the drive. The SMART report will probably show numerous bad sectors.

When drives go bad, they sometimes go offline during their internal error recovery process. That’s a fault with the drive’s firmware, not with the diagnostic software.