Barracuda 2T

Hello, I installed two velociraptors in Raid 0 on me system. After a couple of weeks a got faults on the SATA Raid0. HDD dissapeared or windows stuck. I tested the two in a external usb bay and they were not reachable or formatable. I bougth a new barracuda 2T velociraptor and that one ik ok. Question what is causing this?

I5 6800 coffee, asus maximus herox mobo, 850 watt bequick dark power, Gskill 3600 rgb 16 ram. M2 ssd raid on PCIE and the two SATA 2T barracuda in raid 0. 2x1070 GTX in sli.

Took me some time and win reinstallls etc. to find this out. Now I will install a new barracuda 2T with the good one in RAID0 SATA in a couple of days but want to know what to do to prevent this from happening again.


oeps wrong site must be seagate…sorry

lol go to seagate mate :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the hard drive committed suicide lol

good luck

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