BaL Theme - My 1st

this is my 1st theme i am working on still is a WIP so let me know if there are anything that needs to be changed, i have not completed the whole theme yet due to cannot find some files, but woked off of the a couple other themes. hope everyone likes


Animations (Preview):


Weather (Already included but here are pics from my other post):

Nice work! i´ll try it tonight…

nice !!!

Looks good, I notice my “wall mode” xml has made it in there, with a couple of tweaks :)

yeah i hope you don’t mind, great job on it.

Bradl79 wrote:

yeah i hope you don’t mind, great job on it.

no problem, thats what its there for

Hi Bradl79,

The more i looked at your theme the more impressed i was with it…

Alot of new features in here…

Just one very small suggestion i felt that your background was a little too dark hence you tend to miss all the features you have added.

Please in no way take it that i mean change the background but perhaps you could find a way to lighten up the theme.

thank you, i can make it brighter, i will upload the lighter version

let me know if this is better, click on line then  just save as…, then move to the BaL/images folder and overwrite

Hi Bradl79

Def an improvement,

Much Better, i can see alot more of your theme now…

thank you…

Hi Brad, great theme.

I altered your rv_gallery_browse_page.xml to include the moviesheet trick coding.

Now question is:  which view is this?

And how do I get those size icons in the gallery view instead? I want to use gallery view for the xml support but I would rather the 2x7 icons rather than the 3x9.


yeah sorry for the late response here is what i have my gallery view as, the view that u have shown in the pic is the rv_video_browse_page.xml, here is my gallery view if u want it,